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  A public statement from the Change Movement (Gorran) on Kurdistan Referendum
A public statement from the Change Movement (Gorran) on Kurdistan Referendum

The Change Movement, from the  very beginning  of its foundation , has declared its belief on self-determination and forming an independent Kurdistan state as one of the national objectives. The referendum has been put as a footstep towards that national objective.

While, the leadership of Kurdistan Democratic Party and the Patriotic Union of Kurdistan and their co-tunes misused this process to gain personal and party-based  interests and to avoid resolving the economic, legal and political problems and they distorted that objective. Their steps were leading to a point that might jeopardize the unity of Kurdistan people.

We, from the Change Movement(Gorran) from the beginning of that process with Kurdistan Islamic Group and with a group of intellectuals and patriotic figures have tried to make a plan that our nation makes plans towards putting the pillars of an independent Kurdistan state, Towards a brighter future worth the Kurdish sacrifices.
On that base, we have called for postponing the referendum and preparing ourselves for a more suitable time, on the basis of that we did also call to accept the alternative plans of international powers and the United Nations. They ignored our efforts; therefore the parties decided that are held responsible  for any undesirable consequences might occur.

Finally, as the Change Movement, we do insist on our unchangeable viewpoint on finding an independent Kurdistan state including Kirkuk and the snatched Kurdistan areas. Since the formation of new Iraqi state till today the main conflict between Kurdistan people and various Iraqi regimes were on Kurdistan geography, resolving that issue is a central point in a resolution of the Kurdish issue in Iraq. Therefore, We are as a Change Movement giving the Kurdistan citizens the freedom to deal with this issue

National Council of the Change Movement

Source: KNN