Decentralization is the strategy of Gorran movement


In these days, there has been talking so much about decentralization, Gorran blocs in the provincial councils of Sulaimany, Hawler, Duhok explain their opinions about this point.

The platform of Gorran Movement from the beginning has confirmed about the need of decentralization as a sort of a good administration, which within it, the authorities of provinces and districts are on the interest of people towards improving the projects and services. 

We think the decentralization is the important part of democracy basis and good governance. The democrat governance without decentralization won’t succeed. So, our policy is to protect and strengthen this structure and we think that one of those ways that we need to protect Kurdistan Regional Government is the implementation of decentralization.

We are with the amendment of provincial council law in a way that the administrative and financial authorities will be available for provincial council and the administration of provinces, districts and towns in a way that the most citizens’ affairs will be done in their administrative units.

Our point of view about decentralization, is on the legal base and respect the institutions of Kurdistan Region, and it is within the transportation of authorities from the government to the administrative units, not to cut administrative units from the government’s body.

The Kurdistan Regional Government should cooperate and help in the facilitation for people by the elected councils.

The election of districts and towns should be done as soon as possible, and the administration of all units should be selected by the real vote of citizens, and also citizens can question and account officials by their representations.

Gorran Movement blocs in the provincial councils of Sulaimany, Hawler, Duhok
May 6, 2020

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