who we are

Gorran Movement is a political organization that has a moral personality. It contains a voluntary gathering of those people who believe in Gorran platform and its internal functioning. The areas of Gorran activities are Kurdistan Region, Iraq and any other places in which Kurdistan citizens exist.

Gorran Movement as a political unit and list for Kurdistan Parliament Election, its history returns to April 2009, specifically 4th April, 2009 when Nawshirwan Mustafa in an interview with (Sharq Al awsat) newspaper in its 1109 edition, revealed that he lead an independent list, which is different from the other parties for Kurdistan Parliament Election.

Political unit:
On April 28, 2009, the Independent High Electoral Commission of Iraq recognized Goran's list as a political unit in the Kurdistan region. To participate in the Iraqi Parliament elections, on August 27, 2009 the Independent High Electoral Commission (IHEC), with an official letter number 22, recognized Goran as an official political party throughout Iraq.

Political Movement
The history of Gorran Movement declaration as a political organization returns to May 31, 2010 when it received formal authorization by letter number 13389 from the internal ministry of the Kurdistan Government.

In the third round of the Kurdistan Parliament elections in 2009, Gorran's list brought 25 seats in a total of 111 seats, and it became the largest opposition party as the second parliamentary bloc across the Kurdistan region.

In the fourth round of Kurdistan Parliament Election in 2013, Gorran list brought 24 seats. In the fifth round of the same election in 2018 It got 12 chairs.  

In the Iraqi Parliament Election in 2010, Gorran list became the second largest political power across Kurdistan Region, it got 487181 votes and brought 8 seats of Iraqi Parliament, it also became the fifth bloc inside Iraqi Parliament.