Kardo Muhammad: we don't allow our block to be involved with any bad scenario


The director of parliament room of Gorran Movement announced that Kurdistan Parliament wasn’t able to become a decision center, and always there are many attempts to undermine parliament, he also said: “we support our bloc, and their affairs reflex Gorran opinion.”

“Parliament is a strong power, it should represent people will, but unfortunately in Kurdistan Region Parliament hasn’t become a decision center because of many reasons, and the decisions are made in the outside of parliament, therefore many different scenarios are organized to weaken parliament instead of playing role to overcome crisis”, said Kardo Muhammad the director of Parliament Roon of Gorran in a statement for KNN website.

“We as a Gorran Movement believe in Parliament, we think the parliamentarian struggle can make different changes and exchange power, therefore we want to make a parliament as a legislation power so that it can play its supervise its affairs”, he also said.

He pointed that their parliamentarians until now has wanted to give role to parliament confidently, and they has worked according to Gorran basis and reforms that Gorran wants to achieve them.

And he said: “we want laws to be implemented instead of putting them in the lockers, and unless the creation of national military force and the partisan militias are available, the rule of law and institutions remains as a big problem, our attempts, our existence anywhere are for achievement those goals that we promise to in election campaigns.”

He stressed that Gorran bloc has strong people who they work to achieve programs that Gorran believes in them, and he said they don’t allow their bloc to enter any scenario that affect them.

Commenting on lifting parliamentarian immunity, Kardo Muhammad said: “lifting parliamentarian immunity is a special issue in form, but the real problem is judiciary In Kurdistan Region, because it is remained unsafe, if the freedom and independence of judiciary are kept, the guarantee will be available to protect the personality and dignity of everyone.”

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