General council evaluates the options about alliance with other parties


General Council of Gorran Movement evaluates the suggestions about alliance between Gorran and other political parties, and also discussed the latest step to reorganize the process of internal election.

In order to discuss the internal issues, Saturday, March 17, 2021, the general council of Gorran met leaded by Jamal Hajy Muhammad the head of general council and Aso Rahim the member of executive branch.

At the meeting, Aso Rahim talked about reorganizing the different organs and the readiness of circles and district council to set internal elections and he said: the steps towards making national conference have been improved.

Speaking about alliance between Gorran Movement and other political parties in the upcoming Iraqi elections, Aso Rahim said: if Gorran Movement decides about any issue, it will decide by association with its organs and all our steps will be towards public service.

About the preparation to set national conference and alliance with other political parties in the upcoming Iraqi election, the members of general council expressed their opinions and point of views and the suggestions were discussed.

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