Gorran Bloc carried out more than Four thousands activities outside the Parliament


    According to a statistic which is issued by Gorran Bloc in the Kurdistan Parliament, from December of 2018 until the beginning of October 2022, eight parliamentarians of Gorran Bloc carried out four thousand and 210 activities outside of parliament.

    Those activities according to the statistic included 16 different activities such as: helping people in the court, helping people in the jail, helping people by money, helping and supporting poor families, supporting people medically, and in the high education sector, visiting citizens, visiting artists, speaking media outlets and many other activities.
    Those whole activities carried out outside the parliament and inside the parliament.
    The activities of parliamentarian mentioned in the statistic such as:
    Goran Omar, a member of Culture, and Kurdistani Areas outside KRG Administrative Area Committee¬_ (510) activities.
    Shaian Kaka Salih,  a member of Parliament Affairs and Complaints, and Vice- Chair of Health, Environment, and Consumer Rights Committee _ (380) activities

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