Suad Abdwlrazaq: our goals and attempts are to protect the Kurdistan Region entity and civilians


A number of women leaders among the different Kurdish political parties demand the United Nations to stop the air and drones attack against Kurdistan Region in order to protect the civilians and villages and tourist areas.
In a statement which sent to Jeanine Hennis Plasschaert, special representative of the Secretory General for the United Nations Assistance Mission for Iraq, those women leaders call to stop the attack that frequently launched against Iraqi Kurdistan Region. They believe that those attacks are against the UN Security Council Resolution (1325) which protects the rights of women and children during the conflicts and wars.

Referring about the details of the statement, Suad Abdwlrazaq, a member of National Council of Gorran Movement said to Gorran official website: unfortunately, due to neighbor countries attack, especially Turkish and Iranian attack to the Iraqi Kurdistan region borders during the recent years, hundreds of civilians and tourists have been victims, hundreds of villages and tourist areas have been abandoned.

She also said: our attempt by this statement is to encourage UN to issue the resolution such as the resolution (688) in 1991 to protect Iraqi Kurdistan Region against the drones attack.

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