Gorran team in the government: we stress that we abandon our interest in favor of general interest


Gorran Movement team in the Kurdistan Region Government stressed that the general interest and Kurdistan Region entity should be protected without any situation between political parties.

Sunday, 30th October, 2022 a team of Kurdistan Democratic Party (KDP) in the Kurdistan Government visited Gorran team in the government.

“recently, a delegation of Patriotic Union of Kurdistan (PUK) visited Gorran movement to explain its opinion and today PDK team showed its opinion about the disputes between them,” said Dana Abdwlkarim the minister of housing and construction.

“both sides stood up for their opinions, and what is important by Gorran Movement is the unity of Kuristan Region Government and protection of general interest and Kurdistan Region entity,” he also said.

He consisted that: “unfortunately currently we don't have united administration financially and military and the geographical distribution, until we don’t have one national force and one united finance resource, the Kurdistan Region entity will be in front of dangerous. So, we reaffirm that in favor of general interest, we give up our partisan interest, we demand both sides to try to make our forces and financial resources united and make the government agenda, which was approved in 2019 inside parliament, the base to settle most of problems. According to the agreement which was signed between Gorran Movement and KDP to form the government, the high committee should be available to negotiate with the central government to settle disputes between both sides. ”

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