The supreme council of reform in Kurdistan will be created


The ministry council of Kurdistan Region has been meeting for two weeks with Gorran movement in order to create a new institution for reform and facing corruption.

The weekly (Zaman) newspaper stated that a committee has been created for two weeks between KRG and Gorran movement for the creation of supreme council of reform. This committee has made two meeting until now.

According to the information, in the first step, a new law will issued and proved inside the Kurdistan parliament, and according to that low, the structure of that council will be designed  and the general bases of reform and facing corruption in Kurdistan will be selected.

The newspaper also stated the goal of that council is to take measures of reform in all governing sectors like (finance, economy, oil, health, education, peshmarga and investment).

The creation of this council is part of the agreement, which was signed in 18th of February in the last year between Kurdistan Democratic Party (PDK) and Gorran movement.

According to that agreement, the assistant of prime minister for reform affairs, who lead the council, will be selected by Gorran Movement.

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